This documentary focuses on environmental injustice seen throughout Liberty City. There are roughly 227 abandoned buildings in Liberty City today which has a negative affect on the community, driving down home values and increasing the chances for gentrification. 



Enter abandoned buildings around Liberty City through 360 video.

The following maps were created using data from the City of Miami's Unsafe Structures department, acquired using a Freedom of Information request under Florida's Sunshine Laws. The maps reveal over 700 abandoned and unsafe structures in the city's District 5, 227 of which are located in Liberty City.  

Abandoned and unsafe structures in District 5

Abandoned and unsafe structures in Liberty City

How abandoned properties change a community: A case study

Pic 1: 2005 Lot with building still intact

Pic 2: 2006 lot with building still intact

Pic 3: 2007 Lot with building still intact

Empty lots in Liberty City are intentionally left undeveloped by developers in order to drive property values down and make land acquisition and land assembly easier.

Pic 4: 2008 Lot with building demolished

Pic 5: 2009 Lot with building demolished

Pic 6: 2010 Lot with building demolished

The address shown in the pictures above is 3332 NW 5th Avenue Miami, Florida 33127 located in Liberty City. The property has been abandoned since 2008 and is currently owned by Buena Vista LLC, a real estate investment firm, and KELLERMANN VARELA PL, a boutique law firm specializing in real estate, taxes, estate planning, and international investments.

Pic 7: 2014 Lot with building demolished

Pic 8: 2015 Lot with building demolished

Pic 9: 2018: Lot with building demolished

What does this mean for Liberty City? Well, it means that investors are highly interested in the area and properties are being held long term in order to capitalize on the potential profits once property values rise and investment in the area begins to grow. Maintaining empty lots also keeps the property values low which attracts more and more investors. Once construction begins, Liberty City property values will sky rocket and the waves of gentrification will wash upon its shores.

3000 NE 151st Street | Miami, FL 33181

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