Liberty City


(This video gives historical context for the stories the maps below will tell)

The Urban Boulevard MIA explores the diversity & inequality present within various South Florida communities. The maps below use a diverse set of population data to help visualize this inequality, specifically in Miami’s downtown area. The area’s history of racial segregation negatively affects Miami’s black population to this day. Home ownership, income, education and wealth are disproportionately lower in black communities like Liberty City. 


In this map we can see that a large percentage of the population in Liberty City is African-American. This area was deeply impacted by Florida's history of segregation. In 1933, black immigrants settled in Overtown and Liberty City. They arrived from the Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados.


The two maps above show the percentage of Liberty City residents experiencing poverty and the average household income. We can see that the majority of residents are experiencing poverty and that there is an overall unequal distribution of wealth within the community.


The two maps above are of Miami Beach and Liberty City. In Liberty City we see that the majority of Associate Degree attainment levels fall within the 0-7.23% with the maximum attainment level being only 18% for any given area. Compare that with Miami Beach, where residents have a majority attainment level for Bachelors, Master's and Doctoral degrees of 36-77% and you see that Liberty City residents are disproportionately uneducated in comparison to their Miami Beach neighbors.


The above data shows that while there is a moderate population of homeowners in Liberty City, the majority of areas are between 60-86% renter occupied. In recent years, Miami investors have shown a great interest in buying properties in the area, and our reporting for the Urban Boulevard has found that residents are experiencing sharp increases in housing costs.

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